Staff Makers

Betsy WorthAssistant Director, MBA Recruiting


Tell us about your creation!
This is a picnic blanket that I made for my best friend when she had a baby last year.

Why the cowboys?
They live in Texas, so I thought the cowboy theme would be a great fit for their little Texas cowboy!

Anything else?
I got the fabric at our local Stone Mountain & Daughter, right down the street on Shattuck.

John Bird | Faculty Assistant


What do you have for us?
I have published my first novel: Chasing My Long Shadows – A tale of love, lust, and taking the long way home.

Can you give us the synopsis?
Robert McNamara (no relation to the late Secretary of Defense) teaches art history to disinterested undergrads at a state university on the California coast. Facing a mid-life crisis – stagnant career, crumbling marriage, and haunted by fading memories of his dead brother – McNamara goes out for long runs where he can lose himself in the mysteries and intrigues of ethnic neighborhoods. But as he begins to explore the new world of characters that unfolds before him, has his wanderlust taken him to places from which he can’t find his way back?

Where else can we find your writing?
I have written stories for my neighborhood newspaper, The Noe Valley Voice. I have also served as managing editor and contributor for a number of newsletters for non-profit organizations, and my reportage and photographs have appeared in Urban Moto magazine. Chasing My Long Shadows is available on

Robin Jones | Senior Program Manager & Business Analyst


Tell us what you have here!
It is a quilt for my great niece.

How long have you been working on it?
About a year.

How did you get into quilting?
My great grandmother, grandmother and mother were quilters.

Karen Twelves | Professional Faculty Suite Assistant

TwelvesWhat are you wearing?
This is a costume from 2011 that I put together for the Dickens Fair in San Francisco.

Tell us how you made it!
It took a little while to put the pieces together. The base skirt I altered from a prom dress I found at Goodwill. I added elastic to the lace sleeves so they puffed up a bit, and fancied up my hat with some holly. The red bustle I made from scratch! It was deceptively easy to sew, and looks so pretty!

Wow! How long have you been sewing?
I started making my own costumes for renaissance fairs in high school, even a 16th century ball gown! My mom taught me how to sew when I was a kid.

Thank you to these staffers for taking the time to share their talents! Let us know what you think by commenting below. 

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